Press Releases

January 2018 -HECAT® SAFE-FLUSH®

March 2017 -HECAT® Ratchets Up The Pulse

January 2016 -HECAT® Receives New US Patent

March 2015 - HECAT® Launches A New Website

November 2014 - HECAT® Introduces NEW 200 Series Portable Pulsator® Flushers

December 2013 - The SLAC National Accelerator Lab Using HECAT® H1000 A/C Flusher

July 2013 - HECAT, Inc Obtains New Trademarks

December 2012 - HECAT, Inc Produces Essential Tool For Navistar

July 2011 - HECAT, Inc H1000 Completes Sikorsky Validation Testing

July 2010 - Ritchie Engineering (YELLOW JACKET) Press Release

May 2009 - HECAT, Inc - New Location And Officers

November 2008 - HECAT, Inc Receives PTEN Innovation Award

December 2006 - HECAT, Inc 25th Anniversary

January 2004 - HECAT, Inc Receives Certification Of Appreciation From The US Army

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