For many years (Est. 1982), HECAT Inc. has focused on developing and producing professional (automotive, aerospace, fleet, industrial, and more) flushing solutions, equipment, and solvents for internal cleaning of complex Heat Exchangers; and we have grown to be a respected industry leader, specialty consultant, and solution provider.

The HECAT® products and processes are used to scrub internal passageways, removing the buildups, debris, and contaminations from a previous system failure; returning the manufacturer’s required flow and thermal transfer performance to a completely re-usable (just dirty) component or circuit.

HECAT® produces the air operated PULSATOR® series, SAFE-FLUSH® solvents, the H1000 Refrigerant Flush Cart, OEM essential tools, private branded tools, specialty & custom tooling, and continues to develop new patents, processes, and solutions.

Employing HECAT® cleaning technology into your business process will drastically reduce your risk, warranty costs, downtime, and customer “ill will” often associated with unnecessary parts replacement, repeat failures, premature failures, and other problems derived from re-using (often undetected) contaminated components or circuits.

HECAT® cleaning technology does much more than just heavy line work; these processes also meet the highest quality standards required to clean new heat exchangers, A/C compressor manufacturer’s test stands, aviation components, avionics and cryo cooling, military systems, mass transit systems, and much much more.

Please take the time to read and evaluate the technical content of this web site. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about your specific Heat Exchanger cleaning challenges; and to share with you more about our engineering focus, quality values, and proven performance of our products. Let us show you how we can help.

HECAT® Technical Support is always available to answer product and application questions. Call 770-205-5600 or e-mail tech-info@hecatinc.com.

All products are available for purchase through leading tool & equipment and industry specific suppliers (sometimes branded for the customer), on-line stores, and resale web sites. Use the “BUY  NOW” menu button above to find a complete list.

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