Current Manuals

Engine Cooling Pulsator Manual

FAC-200 Operating Manual (S/N 2606 and up)

FAC-400 Operating Manual (S/N 2575 and up)

FAD-100 Adpater Kit Instructions

H1000 Operating Manual (S/N 2083-2552)

MARK II Operating Manual (S/N 2603 and up)

MARK IV Operating Manual (S/N 2576 and up)

Pulsator Flush Gun Manual

Water Hammer Manual

Archived Manuals

FAC-200 Manual (blue tanks, no S/N)

FAC-300 Manual (obsoleted 2009)

FAC-400 Manual (pre S/N 2575)

FAC-500 Manual (obsoleted 2002)

MARK II Manual (blue tanks, no S/N)

MARK III Manual (obsoleted 2009)

MARK IV Manual (pre S/N 2576)

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