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Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Applied Technologies

CAGE CODE: 341J5     FSC: 4910 & 4920

Since 1982, HECAT Inc. has focused on developing and producing professional automotive, aerospace, and industrial flushing solutions for cleaning and clearing contaminations from many types of heat exchanger internals. HECAT's equipment and processes are used to scrub the internal passageways and return the proper flow and thermal transfer performance to a useable but otherwise internally fouled and/or restricted heat exchanger.

This cleaning process drastically reduces the risk of repeat or premature failure of systems and/or components; by effectively removing the buildups, debris, and contaminations from a previous system failure, which can often remain undetected. However, HECAT's technology is not just used for refurbish and repair; it is also used to meet today's high quality standards required for cleaning new heat exchanger components cleaning compressor test stands, and cleaning some very expensive and unique aviation components.

HECAT's history and success with the air operated "Pulsating" and other patented processes have made HECAT a respected leading industry and global supplier. At HECAT, we are constantly consulting, developing, and providing new solutions for OEM and aftermarket automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, fleet, truck & bus, heavy equipment, motorcycle, marine, performance racing, and many other applications. Many times we are asked who is using our products, so here is a sampling of our satisfied Customers. HECAT's Product Support Technical Department is always available to answer product and application questions. HECAT's equipment is available for purchase through the many leading industry suppliers listed on our distributor page.

Please take the time to read and evaluate the technical content of this web site. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about your specific Heat Exchanger cleaning challenges and to share with you more about our engineering focus, quality values, and proven performance of our products; as well as our commitment to customer service, customer satisfaction, and the lifetime warranties we offer.

Another exciting application has been found for our Patented Pulse cleaning technology, proving once again the amazing performance of the patented kinetic energy "Pulse"; by cleaning and clearing stubborn obstructions and construction debris from Swimming Pools and other Plumbing lines. Contact us for more information regarding the WaterHammer. 

HECAT Product Videos can now be viewed by clicking here.

HECAT's Special Equipment Manufacturing services and capabilities can provide equipment prototyping and production solutions for many applications. Call us today to confidentially discuss your equipment design ideas and potential production requirements.

HECAT is proud to be a participating member of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS), the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE); and the International Automotive Technician Network (iATN).

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